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Registration and Consent Form

If you have already begun your registration, please . If you are having difficulties, please contact Julie Fischer on 9035 6770 or

By completing this Registration and Consent Form, you are telling us that you and your teenager (who must be aged between 12 and 15 years):

   Understand what you have read in the Participant Information Sheet
   Consent to take part in the research project
   Consent to provide your contact details, understanding that the research team may wish to contact you again
and that    You do not hold a current First Aid certificate (i.e. obtained within the last three years)
   You have not attended the 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course or 14-hour Youth Mental Health first aid course in the last 3 years

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Teenager Information

Please choose your youngest teenager, aged between 12-15 years (unless you consider this inappropriate and prefer to select an older teenager aged between 12-15 years).
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Conditions of Participation

  • As a parent, I understand that my participation will involve being randomly placed into a training course at no cost to me, in either:
    a 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) course
    a 15 hour (HLTFA301B) Red Cross physical First Aid course
  • As a parent, I understand that before I can attend my free training course, my teenager and I will be asked to complete a telephone survey which will ask about our knowledge, attitudes and behaviours regarding mental health problems.
  • I understand that my teenager's survey will take approximately 20 minutes while mine will also include questions about physical health and will take approximately 30 minutes. We will be invited to complete surveys of similar length annually, possibly for up to 8 years (subject to project funding).
  • I understand that if my teenager does not wish to be part of this study, I have the option of choosing another one of my teenagers (between the ages of 12-15) to take part.
  • If none of my children wish to take part, I understand that I will not be able to take part in the study. However, I will be able to participate in any fee-paying First Aid or YMHFA course.
  • I also understand that we are free to withdraw our consent and discontinue our participation at any time, without explanation and are able to withdraw any unprocessed identifiable data previously supplied.
  • Our decision whether or not to participate will not prejudice any future relationship we may have with the Mental Health First Aid training program, The University of Melbourne or the Australian Red Cross.
  • I agree that research data gathered from the results of the study may be published, provided that we cannot be identified.

Any concerns about the scientific aspects of the study can be directed to Professor Tony Jorm on + 61 3 9035 7799.

Any complaints about the ethical aspects of the research may be directed to the Executive Officer, Human Research Ethics, The University of Melbourne, Vic 3010, phone 03 8344 2073 or fax 03 9347 6739.