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“Thank you for the opportunity to undertake the two-day Youth Mental Health First Aid course at Eltham College. The trainer did a great job sharing the course content with us. I would certainly recommend this course to other parents with teenage children.

I think mental health in teenagers is a very important issue and if we are empowered with knowledge and an awareness of early indicators of mental health issues, we are able to act quickly and get our teens in touch with a professional that can support them in overcoming their issues in order to move on to the fun parts of being a thriving teenager. They need not suffer alone when issues can be addressed and corrected.

The online registration for this course was efficient as was the phone survey.”

Jo Bennallack, Parent

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two day first-aid course run by Red Cross and offered as part of my involvement in the TPOT study.  The course was not only interesting, but well taught, and a lot of fun.  The over-riding message: fear not – anything you do is better than nothing – informed pretty much the whole course, and in a sense the idea was not to produce a room full of new experts, but just give us the confidence, informed with knowledge, to be able to apply basic first aid in an emergency.

I thought the trainer was terrific (I’m sure they all are), expertly working a room of vary disparate people from all walks of life, and allowing all of use to share our own observations, views, and (in my case) general ignorance.  I would recommend the course to any interested person, and it certainly dispels the notion that first aid is the province of carefully trained experts: we can all apply basic first aid, using a bit of common sense, and some confidence.  Probably every parent should consider a course such as this.”

Alasdair McAndrew, Parent